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The project workplan

No. Deliverable title 2010/2011
M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M9 M10 M11 M12
1 National inter-institutional advisory board for research, innovation and education constituted O                     O
1.1 Selection of members from relevant institutions (Universities, Ministries, Institutes, Economy Chamber, Companies, …) X X X                  
1.2 Constitution of National inter-institutional body NIIAB       X X X            
1.3 Training plan, and forming of training material         XX== XX== XX== XX== XX==      
1.4 Retraining of NIIAB members                   ==== ==== ====
2 National platform for knowledge triangle formulated O                      
2.1 Best practice and experience from EU partners ==== ==== ==X=                  
2.2 a Data acquisition on research, innovations and education potentials in Serbia from Serbian Ministries,
Economy Chambers and relevant companies
2.2 b Approved change: TTO suport software development                        
2.3 Questionnaires on current state of cooperation between Universities, Institutes and companies in Serbia              XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX
2.4 Analyzing current situation                      XXXX XXXX XXXX
2.5 Developing methodology                    XXXX XXXX XXXX
2.6 Preparation of draft version of national platform                     XXXX XXXX
2.7 Joint review of the prepared draft version of national platform                        
2.8 Presentation and public discussion at all Serbian Universities                        
2.9 Revision of the prepared documents                        
2.10 Adoption of the platform by NIIB                        
2.11 Providing inputs to the Ministries in charge for adopting a national strategy for research, innovation and education                        
3 Organizational structure for knowledge triangle at Serbian Universities upgraded                     O  
3.1 Forming of Knowledge Transfer Teams at Serbian Universities                     XX XX
3.2 Retraining of KT team                        
3.3 Knowledge transfer centers established within the frame of Universities                        
3.4 Analysis of requirements – equipment, staff positions and staff skills, business processes                        
3.5 Equipment tendering, purchase and system integration                        
3.6 Knowledge transfer center: web sites and intranet - development and maintenance                        
3.7 Networking and internationalization                        
4 Raised awareness on knowledge triangle importance in Serbian society           O            
4.1 Series of presentations of KT role at Universities, Regional Economy Chambers and scientific conferences in Serbia           X X X X X X X
4.2 Promoting success stories of fruitful cooperation between universities and businesses                        
5 Dissemination O                      
5.1 Publishing project web site and dissemination material X X X X X X X X X X X X
5.2 International conference on knowledge transfer                        
5.3 Networking with KTCs in WB countries and inter Tempus project coaching                        
5.4 Organizing knowledge transfer days at Universities                        
5.5 Presentation of the project in public media X   X   X   X   X   X  
6 Sustainability           O            
6.1 Developing sustainability plan for national platform                   X   X
6.2 Legal sustainability for national platform           X X X X X X X
6.3 Legal sustainability for Knowledge transfer centers                        
6.4 Establishing National Management Board for KTCs                        
7 Quality control     O                  
7.1 Monitoring and evaluation of project activities     X=     X=     X=     X=

Quality control of national platform for Knowledge triangle

      X=     X=     X=    
7.3 Quality control of Knowledge transfer centers                        
7.4 Quality control of dissemination and management activities     X=     X=     X=     X=
8 Management O                     O
8.1 Planning and management of activities X=   X=       X=       X=  
8.2 Management Board meetings     X=       X=          
8.3 Reporting and matching the performance indicators     X=     X=     dX=     X=
Activities O - Starting and end date of Outcome, = - carried out in the EU Country, X - carried out in the Partner Country,
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